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Clearing Protocol

A friend sent me this. I thought it might help some people get through these tough times. Feel free to shorten it, change it, add or subtract parts, to suit your needs.


I ask for divine assistance, including legions of angels and archangels, for this situation, including light rods if needed.  I ask for mother, father, god, and Jesus to assist. I ask for Archangel Azrael [demonic specialist] Archangel Michael [warrior], Archangel Ariel and Archangel Raphael [healer].

I choose to cut, shatter, release, de-cord, deactivate, scramble, and neutralize any and all conscious and subconscious intentions, contracts, commitments, and or agreements that I have made with  _________________, throughout any ancestry, blood or time lines, dimensions or generations.

I ask that all cancer-causing and degenerative programs, exploitation patterns, victim or slave energies, implants, tags, hooks, cords and/or chakra links that are attached to me, thus forming a connection between myself and __________________, be deactivated and removed immediately in a safe way.

I ask that any and all negative and demonic entities associated with and/or attached to the intentions, tags, hooks, cords and/or chakra links also be removed by Archangel Azrael.  I ask that they be placed in custody and escorted to an appropriate location for their healing and transformation. If they will not cooperate and depart, I ask that they be sent to a black hole to be terminated.

I further ask that all negative energy that has accumulated within my chakra systems and all aspects of my being now be cleansed and cleared. I ask Archangel Metatron to balance all my chakra systems and clear all debris that accumulated during this recent attack.  I further ask that additional assistance be provided to clear all long-term negative energy that has accumulated throughout my field and to eliminate any resonance patterns that are continuing to allow negative energy to penetrate my field, energy body, and physical body.

I ask for the removal of any demonic or negative technology that has been added in any manner to my being.  I ask for this technology to be removed quickly and safely, so as not to engage it.

I ask to remove the intentions and/or programs that have allowed these attachments and to clear all DNA programs that are attracting them.  I ask that the life architects assist in removing any programs that are now no longer serving me and to replace them with the prearranged programs that are now needed to accelerate my learning, understanding, healing and growth.


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Protection Prayer

Father, Mother, GOD,
I ask that I be cleared and cleansed
Within the Universal White Christ Light,
The Green Healing Light,
And the Purple Transmuting Flame.

Within GOD’s will,
And for my highest good,
I ask that any and all negative evil energies
Be completely sealed In their own Light,
Encapsulated within The Ultra-violet Light,
Cut off and removed from me.

With neither love nor hate,
I return all negative evil energies,
To their source of emanation,
Decreeing that they never again
Be allowed to reestablish themselves
Within me or anyone else,
In any form.

I now ask that I be placed
Within a triple capsule
Of the Universal White Christ Light of Protection
And for this Blessing,
I give thanks.

–Author unknown

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Prayer to Release Negative Thoughts

This prayer can be used at any time, as soon as you notice that you are experiencing negative thoughts. You can speak it out loud or say it silently. This prayer is enhanced if done in a bath (water acts as an amplifier and also provides sensory deprivation). Say the prayer over and over until you get relief. It may take 15 minutes or more, so don’t give up. If you can, give yourself some time to work with this prayer on a regular basis, perhaps once each week (even if you are not experiencing negative thoughts at the moment). Creating a sacred space where you can do this prayer in privacy is also recommended. You may wish to set up a medicine wheel, call in your spirit guide and helpers, and use sage to cleanse your sacred space before beginning this meditation.

I give myself permission to release 
any and all negative thoughts,
Any guilt, remorse, regret or shame,
Any anger, any hatred, any jealousy or frustration,
Any self-hatred, self-doubt or self-pity,
Any thoughts of the past, any thoughts of the future.
And I ask the Great Spirit and my guardian spirits 
to help me clear it and release it now.

To end: Inhale through the nose positive life force energy, and exhale through the mouth all the negative thoughts. 3 times.

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