Private Sessions

Every private session is customized for your needs. We will work together, as a team, to release emotional burdens or limiting beliefs caused by events in the past that prevent you from creating the life you deserve—filled with abundance, joy and harmony.

Most problems are due to unresolved traumas and the decisions or false beliefs made as a result or those events. These outdated thoughts are in conflict with your life goals, and the result is stagnation and indecision.

We will review the timeline of events associated with your distress, to assist your conscious mind to understand the meaning of these events, as an archetypal lesson that you came here to learn. We will review how this limiting belief or archetypal pattern has manifested challenges for you throughout your life.

The issue is traced to its origin and resolved or healed. By working directly on the origin of the issue, the healing that occurs is reflected in many other aspects of your life, like the ripples created by a stone dropped in a still lake. We will review your options for manifesting a new life.

To support your continuing journey, you will learn to master powerful self-help healing techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques and meditations to let go of the past and restore your spirit and energy. In addition, you may experience Color Therapy or guided Inner Child meditations to restore wholeness.

After healing or resolving past events, clients report feeling more balanced, optimistic, and motivated. They experience tremendous relief and a sense of lightness and well-being. Once the inner conflict is resolved, their goals become clearer, which propels them forward. They are able to make positive changes with less effort. They are more able to forgive others and themselves. As a result, their relationships improve and their self-esteem increases. Physical issues, such as illness or pain, are often dramatically reduced after the emotional issue associated with the illness or discomfort is resolved. They feel reborn into a new period of their life.

Private Sessions with Arden — $150

Semi-Private Sessions with Arden — $150 + $50 for each additional person

Private Half-day Intensive with Edward and Arden — $300

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The EFT sessions were so insightful and helpful in my journey to overcome the debilitating grief I suffered because of my brother’s suicide. While I am still sad, of course, I no longer feel the heavy weight on a daily basis. I am now able to function and remember him and celebrate his life.

—Renee Paczesny