About Purusha Healing Services

At Purusha Healing Services, we work with motivated health-conscious people in crisis who strive to break free from a history of abuse, trauma, and dysfunctional family patterns. They feel emotionally overwhelmed and suffer with chronic anxiety, tension and stress-related health issues. They feel powerless to change their behavior or improve their circumstances.

We help our clients discover new and innovative possibilities where previously they felt hopeless. As a result, they feel liberated, joyful and reborn. Creating harmonious relationships becomes easy, and they experience a new sense of freedom and confidence to move forward towards their goals.

With over 30 years of combined experience in teaching and counseling, we are experts in troubleshooting stubborn issues to find their origins, which means recurring problems are resolved faster and more efficiently than if we focused on the symptoms. We offer a variety of services to fit any budget, including customized programs, private sessions, and a weekly support group.

About Our Name

Purusha is a Sanskrit word meaning Universal Soul, Cosmic Consciousness, or Pure Consciousness. It is unmanifested consciousness, unconditioned by concepts or thoughts. It cannot be grasped in anyway except by negation. Beyond time and space, beyond cause and effect, it is a state of absolute silence and knowing. Impressions (thought) and cosmic prana cause Purusha to become manifest into dense form called Prakruti.

Each individual has a part of Purusha in them, their own individual Purusha, a drop in the ocean of all consciousness. This corresponds to the Western concept of soul and is also referred to as the Atman or Higher Self. At death, the individual Purusha leaves the material body and reunites with the larger Purusha. The practice of yoga seeks to reunite the individual Purusha with the Cosmic Consciousness before death.


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